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2 Beautiful South African Boerboel pups



AKC/OFA Call for more details.

South African Boerboel puppy  South African Boerboel puppy

We Only Breed One Litter Per Year.

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Puppies at K-9 Companions

Breeding Program

At Kingsden’s Kennels, we offer puppies from some of the top lines available in the world.

We breed puppies only from our private stock, which we have taken years to compile. Because we breed limited numbers of litters per year, we typically run waiting lists for our puppies. The breeds that we personally own and breed are our favorites for a variety of reasons.

  • Rottweilers (German lines)
  • Boerboels (South African Mastiffs)


Lulu and Diesel Pups
Born: February 10, 2014

Diesel with K-9 CompanionsDiesel at K-9 Companions



AKC: WS29052909
OFA: BO-53G34M-VPI Good (Dozer Destiny x Kingsden’s Pebbles)

AKC: WS28401612
OFA: BO-54G36f-VPI Good (Blackwell’s Hannibal x Blackwell’s Malawi)


Zuffa at K-9 CompanionsIf you desire to be put on the list for notification of pending breedings, sonograms, whelping, or puppies on the ground please call or email so that we can notify you as these breedings take place. All of our breeding stock are OFA Certified or the equivelent if imported.

Over the 30 years we have been in business we have bred 1-2 litters of puppies per year. The litters that we have bred are for the primary purpose of bettering the breed while at the same time providing our clients with quality dogs that will train well and become reliable canine companions. Because we train 75% of the puppies we sell, it is important to us that we are breeding puppies that have solid temperaments and are free from physical maladies such as hip and elbow dysplasia. With this in mind you are welcome to view our track record on: www.offa.organd enter: Kingsden’s in the search box. You will find approximat ely 71 entries of dogs that we have bred under our kennel name with their hip and elbow ratings. In addition you are welcome to look up our Boerboels: Blackwell’s Hannibal, Blackwell’s Zarah, and Blackwell’s Malawi in the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals) registry. Below is a partial list of just some of the dogs with titles that we have owned, bred, and /or trained and titled over the years and some photos of them. American Champion: VA Kingsden’s Firestorm Dallas (Rott) American Champion: Kingsden’s Man O’ War (Rott) American Champion: Kingsden’s Que Mozel v. Luxor (Rott) Canadian Champion: Kingsden’s Romance The Moon (Rott) American Champion: Kingsden’s Bixenta Ot Vitosha Sch 3, VCD1, MX, AXJ (Mal) Nova at K-9 Companions Kingsden’s Shara Khan Black CD (Rott) Kingsden’s Contessa Diva CD (Rott) Kingsden’s LA Firestorm French Ring Brevet (Rott) Zara Von Dreiangel Sch I (GSD) Conan Vom Haus Rosenholtz CD (GSD) Ocean de la Rhoanerie French Ring I PSD (Mal) Nany des Deux Pattois Sch A, AD, BH, CD (Mal) Sutters Gold III CDX (Lab) Eros vt Grueske CD (Bouv) Don Bobby Anka vd Fakrohof KNPV-PH-1 (Bouv)

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